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Your not on your own there are many people out there with this problem so dont go it alone.you may find a meeting near you on a web site they are not usuaily hard to find or ring an std health clinic i suggest std clinic because i cant think of another one that may know maybe family planning or your doctor.i need help,,this is really killing me,,,last week after a sex rampage i felt like killing myself....i know the problem lies with me and not the sex industry as i know that will always be there.... i feel like i cant tell any one,,as i feel like a pervert....thanks for reading this and if any one can steer me in the right direction,,,please do.Forest healthcare in Wicklow is a new and excellent facility in treating addiction using the M I method (motivational interviewing).Have no experience except family and friends who have addicitions.

There are many amongst us and we are not facing up to this problem in a mature and helplful way. i've tried many times to stop this sick behaviour but i cant..i spen alot of my hard earned money on prostitutes and porn.

So an article like the one above which is informative - perhaps could be balanced out with an article on services provided within the communities.

There are services in the (Mid)West - for example Slainte, 57 O'Connell St, Limerick provide information counselling and treatment services, with a particular focus on young people. A national directory of services is also available. ALSO AAThose seeking help with sex addiction should ring the sexual addiction centre to avail of a therapist-Owen Stephens0863814366.

My partner is coming to the end of giving me chances on kickin the habit and I\'m afraid I\'ll end up loosing her and my little girl too.

I\'m distraught with what to do an where to go for treatment, a residental placement seems to be the only way of me propperly gettin off the drug. Thanking you, Charlie.where is the help for gamblers why is there no public notefication on gambling addiction support There is no education in our schools on gambling addiction in ireland why not. Hi, I'm a student and I'm really interessted in contacting anyone who has experience in dealing with heroin and methadone clinics for the purpose of my thesis.

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They only solution seems to be punative, which causes the addict to hide there problem instead of felling that they can ask for help IM CURRENTLY LOOKING, FOR PART TIME WORK, AS A COUNSSELOR, TIME SHARE, FLEXI TIME, OR HOLIDAY RELIEF, IN THE RATHFARNHAM, AREA, OR ADJOINING AREAS, ID CONSIDER VOLUNTRY, WORK? i mannaged to stay away from it before for a period, but even then it waz a struggle...

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