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I have set this one in NYC, some time in the early eighties. ***** The apartment on Park Lane was much bigger than her own tiny apartment, but it was the pictures that drew Katie's eye as Penny led her into the living room.

I think this will be just a one off but I may come back to these characters at some point in the future but this will have to do for now. A series of framed pictures showed city skylines from around the world and she stopped in front of a group of four photographs arranged around a larger photograph of the New York city skyline.

This was a place to chill out, have a few drinks and perhaps find a companion, it was not the place to flaunt your sexuality.

What was immediately apparent however was that the patrons had money and style, judging by their outfits.

"It used to be a speakeasy but these days it's just a regular bar."Stockholm," she murmured as Penny undid the belt on her overcoat."I lived there for nearly two years," Penny started unbuttoning her coat.The top one was obviously London and the bottom was Paris.Her eyes shifted to the left and she read the print under it.

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I go there on Friday, you really should check it out some time." Framed newspapers hung above some of the booths, one showed police posing beside confiscated liquor with grim looks on their faces.