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In 1997, we presented a large exhibition in Moscow of works by Georg Baselitz; it was the first time works from our own collection were shown in Russia. Strangely enough, however, they had not made the trip with this in mind.

Five of the artists in the present exhibition (all but Goncharova) were repre- sented in the First Russian Art Exhibition of 1932 at the Galerie van Diemen, Unter den Linden 21, Berlin, just a few steps from the present-day site of the Deutsche Guggenheim Berlin (where this exhibition was first shown in July, 1999)- The 1922 exhibition was the first overview in the West of the art of the Russian avant-garde; the Russian pavilion of the XIV Venice Biennale in 1924 was the last (and, because many of the more advanced paintings were shipped to Venice but not exhibited, somewhat half-hearted) international exhibition of this art until the 1960s. Udaltsova would remember, "Our intention had been to work with Matisse, but his school was already closed, so we went over to Maurice Denis's studio.

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And it is cer- tainly not by chance that from the time of our business incorporation we embarked on a series of important cultural exchanges, beginning in 1977, with the first pre- sentation in the West (in Diisseldorf) of the Costakis Collection of Russian avant- garde art. Perhaps equally important, it was common for women of propertied families to receive their inheritance and investment income upon their marriage. and Andre Dunoyer de Segonzac gave lectures and weekly criticism.

Following our sponsorship of several exhibitions in the 1980s, the Cultural Foundation of Deutsche Bank continued its involvement in this field by supporting the landmark 1995-96 exhibition Berlin- Moscow/Moscow -Berlin. Apart from an anonymous article, "Slavazhizni," Muzykalnaia zhizn (Moscow), no. For the sake of propriety, as well as to help the women with domestic chores, the unmarried Popova brought along on the trip her former governess. There the artists acquired the basis of the Cubist construction that would mark their mature work.

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Wuxiaworld, which I frequent, lags so hard without adblock that I can't scroll down properly. Sherwood Riki Taylor Roberto Tronchetti Provera Melissa Ulfane Leopoldo Villareal F. Petersburg), March 16, 1914; unpaginated copy in Russian State Library, Moscow, Manuscript Section (call no.: f. 51 x34 cm Stadtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus, Munich 44 CHar LOTTe Douc Las Opening in fall 1913. For these two years Exter led an active life divided between Russia and Western Europe, contributing to at least sixteen exhibitions in Kiev. which opened in October at the Grafton Galleries.' 3 In April 1913. Nasher Christina Newburgh Giovanni Pandini Annelise Ratti Benjamin B. Rifkind Dodie Rosekrans Nanette Ross Miles Rubin Aldo Sacchi Sir Timothy Sainsbury Denise Saul Evelina Schapira Hannelore Schulhof James B. Viktor Zarubin, "Futurizm i koshchunstvo," Severnyi listok (St. 10 At the same time, Goncharova was preparing a solo exhibition, a survey of her works from the preceding ten years. mananne were FKin [Marianna Verevkina] Self - Portrait 1 , 1910 Tempera on cardboard. Goncharova was exhibiting at the Hans Goltz gallery in Munich, the second Blaue Reiter exhibition: that same year, she also showed in Berlin (at Der Sturm) and in London, in the Second Post-Impressionist Exhibition. Over the years we have mounted many exhibitions devoted to Russian artists, with no fewer than nineteen since 1945 devoted to Kandinsky alone. sent work to Rome for an exhibition at the Galleria Futurista. Mikhail Larionov, El Lissitzky, and Kazimir Malevich were acquired by the museum early on, and remain some of our most treasured works. Exter and Delaunay appeared together at the March 1914 Salon des Independants show: a month later Exter and Rozanova, along with Kulbin and Ar chip enko.

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Lindenbaum June Lowell Cristian Mantero Achille Maramotti Valeria Monti Luigi Moscheri Raymond D. Anecdotal history says that the Rayist Manifesto, though written by Larionov, had been instituted by Goncharova. While Exter' s work was on view at the Salon des Independants.

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