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Pszichopata tesztek online dating

In general, Gumball is very protective of his loved ones.

On multiple occasions, he's quick to go into a sort of "over-protective" mode whenever anybody tries to hurt his siblings, Darwin and Anais, as seen in "The Parasite," in which he tried to nearly poison Jodie when she thought she was hurting Anais, or in "The Rerun,"in which he aimlessly tried to attack Rob out of rage when Darwin died. He's quick to diffuse all sorts of quips towards others, ranging from fairly harmless to sometimes blunt and rude.

When it's not tamed properly, his ego can drive him to do some pretty jerky things.

Like his mother and father, Gumball doesn't wear shoes, and is the only member of the Wattersons without visible eyelashes, although, in some episodes, he is seen with visible eyelashes, like in "The Refund" and "The Boss." The inside of his mouth is pink, his tongue is light pink, and his nose is orange. His head and his whiskers are bigger, while his eyes and tooth are rounder.

In "The Others," he's quick to reject Clare's notion of "no happy ending," only wanting to see her have a happy ending (no matter how forced it was).

He's also happy to help others, as seen in "The Void," "The Upgrade," and "The Slide," in which in all three he went great lengths to assist Molly, Bobert, and Rocky, respectively.

As demonstrated in episodes such as "The Stories" and "The Test," these snarky comments are impulsive.

Gumball also has a fairly massive ego, which seems to be a fault of his.

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