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We shoot the pictures and video ourselves which means it's unique.

By default closed/crashed programs are checked every 60 seconds, this can be changed and the log file can be setup from the Settings window. Restarter According to its developer, Restarter was originally intended for monitoring and restarting Counter-Strike game servers, but can be used on other applications with no problem.That way they will keep restarting to continue their tasks or until you stop them manually.Here’s a selection of 8 free tools that can keep an application running by automatically starting it up again when it closes or crashes.1.Control Running Programs (CRP)Control Running Programs is a multi functional tool to perform a number of functions on running applications.In addition to being able to monitor and relaunch closed processes, CRP can control how many instances of a program can be opened at once and also monitor the memory usage of a program, closing it down if a certain threshold is reached.

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Historical maps, by their nature, are not accurate nor up-to-date.