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No age required to fuck

And as a human being, you are naturally curious, a little bit self-conscious, and maybe even competitive about sex.

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Now one can certainly debate what the age of consent ought to be.

But one can’t just assume, reading a story about a 16- or 17-year-old having sex, that “17 will get you 20” and that the sex had to be statutory rape; to figure that out, one would need to look into the age of consent in that jurisdiction, and likely also consider the relative age of the parties.

The Colorado law on this subject does not state a minimum age for common law marriage, and a Colorado court recently held that a 15-year-old girl could legally enter a Common Law marriage.

In such a situation, the age of consent laws would presumably not apply to her and her spouse, regardless of their respective ages. Colorado law does not appear to provide for any mistake of fact defense, making it a strict liability crime.

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As best I can tell, 30 states set the general age of consent at sixteen; 8 set it at seventeen; and 12 set it at eighteen (though it’s possible that the last there are actually 7 at seventeen and 13 at eighteen, because of an odd twist with Texas law).