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We tested and ranked the best portable scanners, including the Apparent Doxie, our top pick.USB flash drives are helpful if you wish to access your online account on a genealogy research site but are not at your own computer, perhaps accessing the information at a library or family member’s home.Finding ancestors overseas is challenging because these records are kept in different languages, country boundaries change, many records have been destroyed during conflicts, and cultural differences result in different record-keeping practices.

Here is a bit more on how we researched genealogy search sites and arrived at our rankings of the best.Genealogy websites help you find your family members by connecting you to verified resources for information such as birth, marriage and death dates.The best genealogy sites have information from sources overseas, including parish, military and immigration records.Searching Records We used our own family names to find information, starting with verifying the information we already knew to see if the transcriptions of certain records were correct, and then using that information to find more connections.We were able to locate the same census records using most of the genealogy sites.

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You can give other family members access to either your account or to an online webpage created specifically for collaborating with others who are just as enthusiastic as you about family history research.