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Mars hill church on dating

Carter refuses, stating that any debt was paid when he lost his family.

Carter escapes from his cell but is pursued by Powell and his cavalry.

The attorney executing the will hands Burroughs Carter's journal, which he reads, hoping to find clues about Carter's death and the reason he is the willed heir. While prospecting in the Arizona Territory in 1868, just after the Civil War, Carter is arrested by Union Colonel Powell, who seeks his help in fighting the Apache and insists that Carter owes it to his country (in short; attempted illegal conscription).

Dejah reluctantly agrees to marry Than and Carter is taken to Zodanga to be healed. Dejah sends the servant girls away and gives Carter his medallion, telling him to return to Earth.

As Dejah leaves with Than, Carter is met by Matai Shang, who takes Carter prisoner and walks him around Zodanga.

Later, Carter, accompanied by Dejah, tries to find a way to get back to Earth, and stumbles upon a temple ruin sacred to the Tharks; Sola encounters them there and vainly tries to stop them from entering.

They discover an inscription depicting a way to Earth in the sacred river of Iss, before Carter, Dejah, and Sola are caught by Tarkas' rivals Sarkoja and Tal Hajus.

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The three are sentenced to death according to the Thark code, but are helped to escape by Tarkas, who reveals to Carter that Sola is his daughter.