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Lshk dating sites

Guangdong Romanization for Cantonese was first published by the Guangdong Provincial Education Department in 1960.

It is used mainly in publications in and about Cantonese published in the PRC.

The high level and high falling tones are not usually distinguished and have merged together in Hong Kong Cantonese.

Listen to a recording of this text by Cantophilia Yānyān saangch’eutlāi châuhâi chîyāu ke, hái chiunyīm t’ūng k’iūnlěi sôeng yatlêut p’īngtáng.

In many schools in Hong Kong, Macau and Guangdong, Cantonese is the medium of instruction, though the students are taught to read and write standard Chinese, which they read with Cantonese pronunciation.

Cantonese is also the main language of business, the media and government in both Hong Kong and Macau.

Keoi⁵dei⁶ geoi⁶jau⁵ lei⁵sing³ tung⁴ loeng⁴sam¹, ji⁴ce³ jing¹goi¹ jung⁶ hing¹dai⁶gaan¹ ge³ gwaan¹hai⁶ lai⁶ wu⁶soeng¹ deoi³doi⁶.

yen⁴yen⁴ sang¹cêd¹lei⁴ zeo⁶hei⁶ ji⁶yeo⁴ gé³, hei² jun¹yim⁴ tung⁴ kyun⁴léi⁵ sêng⁶ yed¹lêd⁶ ping⁴deng².

These include: The Meyer-Wempe romanisation system was developed by two Catholic missionaries in Hong Kong: Bernhard F. It is designed for American students learning Cantonese so the pronunciation is based on American English.The colloquial version is much closer to spoken Cantonese and largely unintelligible to Mandarin speakers.In Hong Kong, colloquial Cantonese is written with a mixture of standard Chinese characters and over a thousand extra characters invented specifically for Cantonese.Kỡưdẹi gợưyẵu lẽisíng tùng lờngsǎm, yìcẻ yinggoi yụng hingdặigan gé guanhặi lằi wụsơng dớưdọi.All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.

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