Dating disabilit jewish service

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Jewish education has a long and glorious history dating back to biblical and talmudic times.

Throughout the ages, the Jewish community has devoted much energy to the establishment and maintenance of a rich educational network.

The current “greening” of informal education raises the question: “What is it?

A survey of common misperceptions about informal Jewish education rounds out our examination, enabling us to evaluate its promises for twenty-first century Jewish life and its limitations.

(4) The Jewish world is showing great interest in the possibilities offered by informal education.

We may well be in an era of the emergence of informal education as a seminal force in Jewish life.

In order to be able to really understand informal education and use it effectively, we need to understand precisely what it is and how it works.

In fact, there have been surprisingly few attempts to carefully and patiently delineate the nature of informal Jewish education.

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(6) There was synergy and consistency between a diverse collection of agencies, all of which educated from a shared perspective.