Betrend online dating

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Betrend online dating

Called, leukorrhea, it contains vaginal secretions from walls of the vagina.

Squirting is female ejaculate and by that definition its an orgasm (after reading Vyper's stuff I will alos add Its An Orgrasm For Me). And, when she finally regains her composure, it's like she's just recovering from an exorcism. and get very wet very weekend at a swingers party in a hotel cured me of my notion that I was a squirter Some of those women needed to have a "keep your eyes shut as the moaning gets louder" signs on their thighs. I think "Cuming" is a generic term, it means a woman having an orgasm ( any kind of orgasm).Female ejaculation is prostate like fluid that is pushed out of the urethra (pee tube) which originates from the kidneys and the Paraurethral / Skenes glands ("female prostate"- located under the g-spot area) during sexual arousal.Fluid comes from the kidneys passing through the bladder to mix with the fluid coming from the "female prostate" or G-spot and it usually gushes or squirts out.One thing I read was that initially the woman can feel pressure like the urge to pee so she holds back.This is when she should relax her muscles and just go with the feeling and most likely she will gush.

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