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Otherwise your employees won’t be able to count on your word when you okay time off, and you will quickly have a frustrated and resentful staff. My boss isn’t following through on re-assigning work she told me she’d move off my plate I’m having a little trouble determining whether I should be miffed about something.There are very rare exceptions to this, like serious emergencies, but that’s the kind of thing that should happen at most once every few years (and generally not even that often, if ever) and when it does you need to apologize profusely and find a way to make it up to the person. I work in a department with three other graphic designers.I would be able to cover but I also have a training course to go to. You told him that he could have the day off, he made plans accordingly, and you need to honor that.It’s fine to explain the situation and ask if he’d be able to change his plans, but if he can’t, then that should be the final word on it.That way it’ll be easy to send others to them in the future. Both organizations, however, require applicants to submit two letters of recommendation from present or former employers.I’ve worked for several nonprofit or government agencies and I’ve never seen this sort of request before.I’d bring HR into this too, because they need to be in the loop when you have a manager who thinks it’s okay to force someone to go around with a penis on their cast all day. I want my employee to work on a day I said he could have off I recently made my schedule for my employees as we are slowing down in the business that we do. I have asked the other employee to come in and he is committed to something else, I think that his job is his first commitment regardless.

You can apologize for the time it’ll take, offer to send over notes that they can more easily turn into a letter, and tell them that you shouldn’t need to ask for a new letter in the future since you should be able to use the ones they provide now.

But yeah, outside of a few outlier industries, this is not a thing that’s done. I often receive “endorsements” on Linked In from current or former colleagues, and an email notification. I’ve done it a few times, depending on the person and how well I know that individual, but not on a routine basis.

In fact, letters of recommendation are not particularly useful at all. I’ve never received a thanks for endorsing someone else. No, you don’t need to send a thanks for that; it’s way more casual thing than if someone, say, wrote a Linked In recommendation for you.

So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

We had an intern who has a broken arm and is wearing a cast.

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Would it be weird to ask for letters of recommendation for a job that I was just applying for?