18 years old dating site

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If any matches are provided, you can read through them carefully to see if it is a true match or just a coincidence.

Step 2: perform the same search using her email address, then her home address.

This type of scam is designed to last many months, since the scammers try to trick the victim into paying the translation services for as long as possible.

This type of scam is based on the same idea - a young lady is looking for a soul mate abroad.

The good thing about the Translation Scams is that they are also very easy to detect with due diligence checks.

back to FAQs Step 1: you open any search engine page (Google, Yahoo, etc) and in the search field type in her name, click Search and see what happen.

And even if the person is confirmed to be real, you are anything but safe from a scam.

Many real people use their real information to scam people online.

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